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Tricks and tips on Website design and CSS, HTML, PHP and much more.

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Article How do I use the CGI Center in the cPanel?
  The CGI Center allows you to install and manage different CGI scripts in your hosting account Full List of CGI Scripts: Simple CGI...
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Article Hide a picture in a Mobile Browser With CSS
I have tried a few ways to hide pictures on a website when people view it in a mobile phone browser. The best way I have found is CSS...
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Article Creating a Rewrite For Ruby On Rails
Creating a Rewrite For Ruby On RailsBecause Ruby on Rails uses its own server, users visiting your American Netlink website (and subsequently your...
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Article Manuals
The documentation links below are support, installation, and download links for cPanel/WHM and Addons cPanel Installation   cPanel/WHM...
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Article How to install Rails for Ruby
To start, open terminal and type in: sudo gem install rails This process may take a while, be patient with it. If you are feeling especially...
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