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Article Can I add JavaScript or PHP code in WYSIWYG?
Is JavaScript or PHP icon status on the top right of WYSIWYG toolbar enable? If the icon...
Views: 1132
Article How can I add a Favicon to my Website?
1. To make your own favicon, please make that graphic with resolution at at least 16x16 pixels,...
Views: 1309
Article How to change the website to 100% width?
In step3, in the 'Position and Resolution' block, you can change the resolution to 100%, 95%,...
Views: 1285
Article How to correctly copy data from MS Word and paste into WYSIWYG
When text is pasted from Microsoft Word a lot of unnecessary word specific markups are carried...
Views: 1329
Article How to create a hyperlink to an area on the same page?
On the WYSIWYG hyperlink dialog: 1. Choose the page or URL you want to create hyperlink to. 2. At...
Views: 1258
Article How to create privacy website?
You need to publish the website to the folder. In step7, enter the folder on the text box. So...
Views: 1284
Article How to creating search box?
There is no built-in search functionality yet. However, you can insert Google custom search which...
Views: 1249
Article I got message "Oops!". How do I fix it?
You need to contact support to SSH to server as root and run /scripts/makecpphp.
Views: 1305
Article I want to add media file such as video, but it is a large file size.
It is not as easy as you thought. Especially uploading large file size. I would suggest you...
Views: 1361
Article Image blur after upload via WYSIWYG
Because you have upload images at large size and WYSIWYG automatically resize it. WYSIWYG has...
Views: 1302
Article Is it possible to add an intro page?
It is not supported but you can achieve it by creating the intro page yourself and create...
Views: 1282
Article My site is still not indexed by Google. What should I do?
This is out of our scope of work. There are plenty of reasons why your domain is not indexed. I...
Views: 1454
Article Publish or Preview website shows blank page.
Please contact support.
Views: 1302
Article Publish page but website still show the old one
I believe that it is browser cache. Please hold CTRL and press F5 button in the same time to...
Views: 1259