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Article Creating the Blog Application In Ruby On Rails
Rails comes with a number of scripts called generators that are designed to make your development...
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Article How do I add name servers to my server?
You will need to open a support ticket to have us add the name servers for you. If you are adding...
Views: 2105
Article How to install a Ruby
The easiest way to install Ruby on your virtual server is through the yum package installer....
Views: 1265
Article Instaqll a Ruby Gem
Once you have Ruby installed, you can easily install the ruby gems. Type this command into...
Views: 1220
Article Online Ruby Essentials
Learn more about Ruby at Free Online Ruby Book.
Views: 1371
Article Ruby on Rails Guides
These guides are designed to make you immediately productive with Rails, and to help you...
Views: 1716
Article The Python documentation
If you experience problems using Python, your first step should be to check the documentation....
Views: 1625
Article Creating a Ruby on Rails Application
Log into cPanel in the American Netlink Client Center. Navigate to the Software/Services...
Views: 1545
Article Creating a Rewrite For Ruby On Rails
Creating a Rewrite For Ruby On RailsBecause Ruby on Rails uses its own server, users visiting...
Views: 2370
Article How to install a Ruby Gem
This WHM feature allows you to download and install Ruby gems. It works by providing an interface...
Views: 1515
Article Find Installed Ruby Gem(s)
The Installed Ruby Gem(s) table displays all gems currently installed on your server. You may...
Views: 1508
Article How to install Rails for Ruby
To start, open terminal and type in: sudo gem install rails This process may take a while, be...
Views: 2260