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Article How can I update my billing info?
You can update your details at Http://  Once logged in, just...
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Article How do i get a copy of my payment invoices?
Sign in to our Client Portal, and click the "My Invoices" at the top. Then click the "View"...
Views: 1274
Article How do I get a copy of the welcome email?
If you lost your welcome email you can view and print it from the Client Portal.Click "My Emails"...
Views: 1657
Article How do I know all my hosting bills are paid?
Login to our Client Portal and click on "My Invoices" at the top.On this page you will see Total...
Views: 1400
Article How do I pay by mail?
Just mail your payment in check or money order toAmerican NetlinkP.O. Box 205GoodHope GA 30641
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Article How does the 30 Day refund work
At any time in the 1st - 30 days after your account is opened you can request you account...
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