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Article How do I create a default email to catch invalid emails sent to your domain?
  You can easily create an default email address that will catch any mail that is sent to...
Views: 1381
Article How do I create an email auto responder?
  You can easily create an email auto responder using your cPanel following the following...
Views: 1333
Article How do I create Email accounts?
1. Login to your control panel. 2. To access the Mail Menu, click 'Mail' on the main screen of...
Views: 1469
Article How do I forward all my emails from one domain to another?
You can easily use your cPanel to forward all of your email from one domain to anotherusing a...
Views: 1349
Article How do I forward my emails to multiple addresses?
  You can easily use your cPanel to set up email forwarding to multiple addresses using a...
Views: 1204
Article How do I use SpamAssassin to minimize and better manage spam emails?
  SpamAssasin is an automated email filtering system that attempts to identify spam...
Views: 1404
Article How To Create Email Accounts
First login to your cPanel account with your current username and password.  Once you are...
Views: 1428
Article How To Login To Webmail
The best way to login to your email accounts is using the direct URL...
Views: 1614
Article What are my incoming and outgoing mail servers?
For both incoming and outgoing mail server, use '' So if your domain name is...
Views: 1498
Article What is email spoofing and how do I stop it?
  Email spoofing is one of the biggest pains of modern online life. When an email is...
Views: 1396
Article What is the path to Sendmail?
The path to Sendmail is: /usr/sbin/sendmail
Views: 1571