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Article Can I use my account before my domain name is propagated?
Yes, you can use your website without a domain name.We provide you a temporary URL in which can...
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Article How do I create different types of web redirects with my cPanel?
  To create different types of web redirects from the Domains box in your cPanel >...
Views: 1369
Article How do I manage subdomains, addon domains, and parked domains in cPanel?
  Once you have logged in to your cPanel, you can use the Domains section to manage your...
Views: 1444
Article What are my name server with American Netlink?
IPNameserver   -
Views: 1253
Article What is a domain name ?
In the internet world, domain name is a unique name for people to identify a website, like...
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Article What is a Domain nameserver ?
Nameservers are special computers on the internet that is given the function to serve IP...
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Article What is Sub domain ?
Subdomain is a pointer you can use to point to different section in your website, it can be use...
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